Can’t We Just Service Ourselves?

Ojibijibi! I don’t even know if I should cry right now.Please, forgive my manners. For those that haven’t read or heard, I’m the dope Pope with the whole scope. My keyboard already predicts this (LOL). NYSC posting is out as you all know. Do you know how it feels when the topic you thought wouldn’t make exam questions actually does, but you didn’t read it? (hurts). That’s almost similar to what happened to me. I chose Sokoto just for the way it sounds in the mouth when you tell people you chose Sokoto. Guess who is going to check the material on the Seat of the Caliphate? Yes guys, I am the person. It still feels like a conspiracy. How could they send me to my last choice? I thought it was a joke the IT guys were playing on me. I refreshed the page like 5 times to see if it was a glitch.

I thought they’d laugh it off like “Yo guys, come see. This dude freaking chose Sokoto. Haq Haq Haq! He probably didn’t mean it” then give me a closer state with good weather (not the bipolar weather Sokoto has) and good food. I’ve started collecting past questions from people who have been to Sokoto. Anyway, it’s all good. What matters in the end is that we’re alive to do the NYSC. If you call me “King in the North” I’ll answer, but you must be bearing gifts. 🙂

This post might look like it’s for Corp members, but its actually for everyone. Allow me to feel like I’m deep with this lovely quote from Marcus Cicero

“Non nobis solum nati sumus” – Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Part of me wants to say “If you don’t speak Latin, you’re on your own”, but I won’t be writing this if I said that.

That quote simply translates to “Not for ourselves alone are we born”.
Look at the sun shining for every creature to see, the flowers smelling nice for us, bees producing honey other animals, trees producing Oxygen for others. They are all performing a form of service not for themselves, but for others.

It’s a complete coincidence that it is coming up when NYSC batch B stream 1 is preparing to report to camp, but it’s good.
I’m going to go a bit religious here. Back then in the garden of Eden (not Stamford Bridge), God created man for a purpose. Man was meant to just serve God from morning till night. And he got the whole earth as a gift.
That’s just to show you how powerf service is. It’s so sad that today, we’re in a “dog eat dog” world. Nobody wants to help anybody. Everybody wants to get ahead by any means necessary. Even if it means putting a stop to another person’s progress.

Jesus said (I’m not Pope for nothing) “Love your neighbor as yourself”. In other words, do unto others what you want them to do to you. That, today is the Golden rule. Everything good revolves around this single sentence on service. Imagine how peaceful and wonderful it’ll be if everyone was helping everyone.

I realized over time that you don’t need money to help others. It the little things that matter. Some of the people who engage in crimes won’t do so if they had a better option. Something as little as teaching basic ICT skills, how to barb or any other vocational skill can be the better option for many people. Many people are going through extreme poverty.

I heard of a woman who asked for just 4 cups of rice and crayfish so she can celebrate Christmas for her children. So when you see organizations like Charity with art, Give to live and many others go out of their way to provide food and relief materials to people on the streets you’ll appreciate their efforts. It might be a plate of rice to you, but to those people it’s a ray of hope that there will be a tomorrow for them after all.

By tomorrow, Corp members will be reporting to camp like I said earlier on. Just before you go, ask yourself “What kind of corper do I want to be?”. Many Corp members see it as an opportunity to take advantage of naive students or use their position as Corp members to catch rich married men who like corpers.

There are still others who are truly serving the people around them. From renovating the toilets of the schools they were posted to organizing free empowerment trainings for the youths around them.

This helping thing I’m talking about is not just good for the community or the person you’re helping, it’s also good for you.


  • It’ll improve your mood: Do you know how good helping people feels? Have you ever helped a blind person cross the road before? Have you ever bought a bottle of water for a random stranger before? Even down to telling your friend the answer in an exam hall (don’t do it). The feeling is super good.
  • It’ll help you live longer: It lowers depression and improves your mental health. If your mind is healthy you’re good to go. The little things (good) you do has its own little way of improving your overall health.
  • It’ll help you find meaning to your life: One time I thought this wasn’t possible until I watched THR Media’s interview on the founder of Kindle Africa. Here is the link.

Let us all be the mechanic this world need. We need to service it till it’s glowing with kindness again. Service your neighbor and stay happy.

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Maintain your Lane

Hi guys! By now you already know that there is no other person here other than me, the dope Pope with the whole scope. Hope you’re good? The feedback I’ve been getting (and still getting) from my last post has been amazing. You can read what I wrote about village people here.

This past week, I got a message from a friend on Instagram that the Legendary Tony One Week was in a new song dedicated to the Super Eagles. He sent me the link to the song and I was happy to listen. If you don’t know Tony One Week you better greet me when you see me. Listen to the song here.

Let me start my story

I remember my undergraduate days (LOL, saying this feels so good), I represented my department in 400m race at the Faculty of Science games. This particular race was the heats (Qualifiers) so we had to ballot for lanes. We all got on our lanes and waited for the whistle. “On your marks, set, pheeew” and off we went. I fired away trying to hit the curve with speed, I was in lane 4. Next thing I know, this guy in lane 8 starts changing lanes like Vin Diesel changed gears in Fast and furious. I was running and thinking about what I was seeing (that’s part of the reasons I didn’t come in first place). Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and before we knew it, Uncle was in lane 1.

Wow! I was in confusion. Was I running a different race? The 400m I knew required that each participant maintained his lane. Anyways we continued till we got to the final 40m. Uncle started changing gears again. One, two, three, four…till he got back to his lane 8. In the process of getting back to his lane, another guy had to avoid him by changing his own lane too. This guy finished the race first, but he didn’t win it. The sad thing is he was disqualified alongside the guy who tried to avoid him. It’s sad, but then if they didn’t get disqualified, yours truly wouldn’t have qualified for the finals and won a bronze medal.

If you’ve seen the track for athletics you’ll see that each lane has different width. In other words, some lanes require more time to cover than others. As a result, in some races the officials try to compensate wider lanes by placing their starting points ahead of the smaller lanes. At the beginning of the race, whoever is in lane 8 is always first, but with time everything will be balanced and it’ll be about your focus, belief and ability. It is important to note that the current world record in 400m was created in lane 8. I got my bronze medal also in lane 8 (for the purpose of motivation).
I’m not telling you this story to brag about being a good athlete. If I was I would have mentioned winning over 7 medals in the university.

The essence is to let you see the importance of maintaining your lane and staying focused on it. You look around and see others in more favorable positions than you. The moment you lose your focus on your lane you will slip off. That is when you start comparing where you are with where they are. You want to be like them and you want it now. You don’t like your lane 8 and you want to be in lane 5 or 4.

Davido is taking pictures of himself with bundles of $100 bills as his phone and you’re crying “God when” on the TL.

You put so much pressure on yourself and your brain, because you’re constantly thinking of how to be like them. If you don’t stop and relax you will just implode. Poof! Your head has scattered. You’ll start searching for Sniper to drink or a lagoon to jump into.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t admire successful people, I’m saying don’t start making baseless comparisons that will belittle whatever effort you’re putting in your own growth. Time is relative. It might be “Broke O’clock” for me right now, but that will change in a matter of time. Same thing applies to you.

So you had a minor setback, OK? Just maintain your goal. Keep pushing, keep running. As long as you’re in your own lane you will always stand a chance.
Don’t waste your time and energy in another person’s lane.
You’re a drummer, but because you see people spraying the singer you drop your sticks and start singing. You just entered the wrong lane and LASTMA will catch you dear.

You’re an “alté” (alternative musician), but because “small Rema” has blown by just shouting “Dumebi don carry belle” you drop your own style of music and adopt his own. I don’t know what to tell you sha.

Instead of comparing and wishing, why don’t you think of how far you’ve gotten? If you think about it critically you will realize that you have blessings that you’re refusing to count. Don’t disqualify yourself from succeeding by changing lanes.

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Are you in your lane?

What is making you change lane?

The Real Village People is Us.

Hello guys, I don’t know if y’all are aware that I’m the dope Pope with the whole scope. I attended my first wedding in 2019. It was a very glamorous wedding. The hashtag (#WeRoll19) was so cool too. Another criteria for me to date you has joined the long list (LOL). If the hashtag for our wedding can’t be cool, then I’m sorry. I hope your weekend was great too?

Let me jump right into this thing that made me write today’s blog post.

There’s this guy I know, we were supposed to go for one function and the dress code was corporate. It was annoying that they attached a dress code to it, but there was nothing we could do about it. We just had to go with the flow. On the day of the event, I called my guy to find out if he was ready. The response he gave me was a shocker.

“Pope, my village people don get me mehn”.

Your village people? Get you? From where to where? How? Wetin happen?

“Guy my shirt no dry o. That stupid rain that fell in the night didn’t allow the shirt to dry. The shirt is even dripping right now. I can’t go for this thing (with a tone of regret) my village people don win for this matter sha”.

Your village people caused this? Really?! Can you believe this guy? You knew you had this function a week before the main day and you waited till the last moment to prepare for it and somehow your village people are at fault? Let’s even agree that they sent the rain (holds laugh), if this guy had prepared his clothes two days earlier, that rain wouldn’t have stopped him. What did our village people even do to deserve all these blame that they’re getting? Should we blame Nollywood for this?

He’s not the only one. Many people have this same mentality. You didn’t get the job, your village people caused it. You failed woefully, your village people marked your script. Your car stopped in the middle of the road, and you’re so sure it’s your village people that sucked the fuel out. How about you man up (sorry ‘feminists’, you too) and take responsibility for your actions and inactions? Did you expect to get the job after fighting for charging socket? Or get distinction in all your papers when you didn’t read a thing? Or did you think your car works with piss and not fuel?

The reality is we might even be our village people.
I remember some years back in church, the Pastor would raise a prayer point “Any man or woman that is hindering my success die by fire”. Err… I didn’t say those prayers. Deep down, I was suspecting myself. I knew that my actions could be the reason I wasn’t coming first position in primary 4 and I was clearly not ready to die by fire. I knew I was partly responsible for my success or failure.
Before you start wishing death on your village people, ask yourself “Am I part of my village people?”


  • You have zero reading culture: Reading is a very important if you want to grow. I’m just going to drop this quote here “Reading is essential for those who want to rise above the ordinary” – Jim Rohn
  • You have no vision: How can you not have a vision/plan for your life and you say you’re not part of your village people?

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years”
“I see myself playing FIFA 2029”

  • No mentor: I remember those that used to say Jesus is their mentor. Issorait.

  • You always doubt yourself: I know a girl that knows how to sew very well. She told me she was looking for a job. I was surprised. I had to ask why she she wasn’t making dresses for people instead and she said she was still learning. This is someone that makes all the beautiful clothes that she wears. My dear sister, I’m here to tell you that you’re part of your village people.
  • You don’t save: We all want to live the La Vida Loca life. No investment, no savings and you’re blaming your village people because you’re now living the la Vida broker life. Better open your eyes.

  • You’re staying within your comfort zone: Everything you need to grow is outside your comfort zone. If you’re willing to remain in your zone, then you know who you really are (village person).

  • You don’t exercise: Some of you will not do any form of exercise. Many sickness could have been avoided by just exercising. You don’t even have to go to the gym to exercise. So just know it from now if you’re not exercising… (fill in the gap)

Guys, if you believe your village people are hindering your progress and you have any of the above signs, then I believe you should work towards fixing it. It just might be you.

Please if you enjoyed this post don’t be selfish. Share it. Thanks.

Are you one of your village people?

Don’t Forget to Breathe.

Hello guys! You already know, but for the benefit of my new readers I’ll introduce myself. It’s your boy the dope Pope with the whole scope. Been a while I said that. Wow! I’m happy to be back. Who missed me? I took a break to sort some things out. Although I’m not done sorting things yet; I’ll try my best to make sure y’all have something to read. I don’t know if y’all know that the month of May is the Mental Awareness month. I had to summon courage to write this post.

Here goes nothing

The human mind is so complex that even as human beings, we still find it difficult to understand our own minds. We don’t pay attention to it because we are oblivious of how it operates. We just use our minds like it’s a stress ball: squeeze it without any regard, without checking from time to time to see if it is suffering any wear or tear. I don’t know if it’s as a result of all the “keep it at the back of your mind” that we’ve been advised to do from our childhood that has made us to think that everything should be dumped at the back of the mind. I’m trying to imagine where you’ll keep this post you’re reading, because for you to keep things at the back of your mind, there is clearly no space in the mind sef. 😂

These past months have been very hectic for me. I kept punching, moving and I forgot to breathe. I forgot the most important rule in boxing “Always breathe”. I put myself under a lot of undue pressure and I slipped into depression. As a result, it made me take a step back from everything. I reduced my interaction with other humans and was on my own most of the time. I told myself that my blog wasn’t doing well enough (blog that is doing well for it’s age), I thought of quitting my jobs many times (and returning to Brokelyn), I doubted my creativity and my ability to perform my duties at work. I was the only person seeing all these parts apparently. There was no interest in doing anything. Each time I picked up my phone or laptop to write on any available topic for y’all, I would ask myself “What’s the use?” then I’ll drop the idea. Throughout this period I just wanted to be there, alone, floating in isolation.

I was lucky enough to have a friend that quickly spotted it. He asked if everything was fine and I don’t know what prompted me to speak up. I just kept talking and tears streamed freely down my cheeks. That was when I knew I had a problem. I didn’t understand how a whole me, dope Pope with the whole scope, could be depressed, but that was the reality.

I was ashamed to speak up about it. No other person knew about it until I spoke to my friend. People had been asking why I wasn’t posting here and I came up with one excuse after the other. I just felt people would laugh it off and not understand. I didn’t even remember that my JustGetTalking army has my back. I sought help around and took every advice I got. I’ll share with you because I want y’all to always be your best self.

What I did.

  • I started eating better: I noticed that I wasn’t eating as much as I used to, so I had to up my eating game. More slices of bread, more eggs, extra plate of rice, more snacks in between meals.
  • I started doing small small exercise: They told me exercise was a good remedy and I totally agree. It was a win-win. I was getting sexy as a form of treatment. Hahahaha
  • I began to engage more people: I had become withdrawn and I had to fix that too. I started going out every time I had the opportunity. It was so bad that I even visited police stations (I’m not a yahoo boy o). I stopped sleeping at home, because my house can get very quiet sometimes. They couldn’t wrap their heads around the reasons I gave. I was able to engage more every night.
  • I stopped bottling feelings: I spoke about my worries and got reassuring words form my friends. This has to be the most important thing I did. Get people you really trust and make them your support group.

P.S. It might not work for you. You should always consult a doctor in case you can’t handle it.

I can’t say for sure that I’m there yet, but I’m certain that I’m on the road to full recovery. I was ashamed of this issue. I hid it very well (I’m that good), until I remembered what someone said about rape victims who didn’t speak up. She said they were being selfish, because by keeping quiet, the perpetrators still had the opportunity to make more women victims.

I’m using this opportunity to let y’all know that depression isn’t a white man’s disease. It is a very ugly experience, but the beautiful thing is you don’t have to pass through it alone. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. I’m also appealing to y’all to become better friends (check on your friends) and human beings (be kind to others). I know this isn’t the motivational post you were expecting, but I hope you’ll observe a mental sanitation, clear out all the bottled up feelings in your head and give yourself a breather.

You can take this simple test to check your depression levels.

Have you ever felt depressed?
How did you overcome it?
Do you know anyone that might be depressed?
Have you checked on them?

What if?

Hello guys, it’s your boy, the dope Pope with the whole scope. How have you all been? How was your weekend? I’ve still not attended any wedding this year. That’s not even the sad part. This past Saturday, two of my friends got married (Congratulations to them) and I missed both weddings, sadly. I would have been more than happy to attend both weddings, but something else came up. I had the opportunity to attend an educational boot camp organized by The Autism Awareness Foundation (TAAF). It was a very inspiring and educating experience. The weekend was very jam-packed. I didn’t even have the time to watch Arsenal lose, AGAIN!

Let me leave Toy Gun F.C. and talk about something more important. To be very honest, I didn’t really put in much thought before I started this blog. I just woke up one morning and decided to start a blog. I didn’t even know exactly what I wanted to write about at the time. I didn’t consult anybody at all. I just went on Google and searched for how to create a blog. I read a lot of articles that morning. By the time it was afternoon, I was done creating the blog. I wrote my first post that evening. Every time I read it, I changed something. It looked okay to me so I published it that night. Then reality, no, fear started to set in. I started to ask myself questions. What if people think it is crap? What if I don’t have more things to write about? What if I’m not consistent? What if I don’t make money off it? What if people don’t broadcast it? What if this and what if that.

I slept off without providing any reassuring answers to these questions. The next day I started reading my blog all over again. By that time, the whole “ginger” (enthusiasm) was gone. I decided that I was going to delete the whole blog. After all, nobody had seen it. It’s better to be silent and allow people think you’re wise than to speak and announce that yourself as a fool. “Just before I delete this thing let me show this my friend” I said to myself. I sent the link to a friend and after reading it he said it was amazing. I still had to ask someone else who knew how to write and he said he was looking forward to more posts. That was when I summoned the courage to announce “My blog” (it was a blog before). I still didn’t have any concrete answers to those “What ifs”, but I took a bold step, a leap of faith.

Many problems today are still without any solution because whoever would have solved them chickened out. They must have asked themselves “What if it’s not accepted? What if it doesn’t work? What if it doesn’t generate money”? Many people are unemployed and broke because they’re afraid of implementing their 50k business idea. They keep forgetting that if it can earn you 50k, it can fetch you 50m. Many of you are still single because you’re thinking “What if she doesn’t like me?” Many people are performing under par because they wondering “What if I’m not good enough” I’m tempted to say “’What if’ kill you there”. 😑

I met Tobiloba on Saturday. At age 3, she could not sit on her own, she could not talk, walk or use her hands. She had Cerebral Palsy. Today, she’s a Lawyer. A very sound lawyer. She always wanted to be a lawyer. Did she ask herself, What if it doesn’t work out? Yes. Did she allow it stop her? No.

I nearly allowed doubt stop me. Although I’ve not started making real money from this blog (You people can fix that), but so far, the amount of people checking my blog out is amazing (I want more tho) and the fact that you’re reading this part means you think it’s cool too. As for content, I think I have a post for every Monday this year (I just have to write them out). If you ignore your doubts, you will clear your doubts.

Let me drop 3 tips that can help you handle doubt;

  • Block it out: Whenever those thought start to creep in, you need to silence them. Come up with a method. If you have to shout, shake your head or even jump. Just do something to keep them quiet. If you let it get a foothold of your mind, then you might have a big problem.
  • Comparison is a trap: People who compare their levels of success with other people’s will have doubt creep in sooner rather than lateYr. Imagine me comparing the success of my 25 minutes old blog with that of a 5 year-old blog. If you want to compare, you can compare your present with your past. When you see how far you’ve come, you’ll learn to appreciate yourself a bit more. Just run your race.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt”- William Shakespeare.
Remember if you don’t shoot, you won’t score.
Next time, ask yourself “What if they like it? What if they’re waiting for my idea? What if she likes me? What if I have sense?”
Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed reading it please share the link with plenty people. If you didn’t enjoy reading it, please share it with plenty people too so you can be sure it’s not only you that didn’t enjoy reading.
I’m out.

Talent is not Enough.

Hello guys, it’s the dope Pope, with the whole scope. Happy Easter guys. Jesus is alive (before I mistakenly write He is aroused, rised, rice or any other weird thing people write).

Last week I was just chilling when my friend sent me a message that the new minimum wage bill had been signed. In other words, NYSC allawee has increased from 19,800 to 31k plus. When God says you will buy Benz, there is nothing any man can do to stop it. Benz is Benz.

Last week, I had time to visit the basketball court. I actually went for a soccer shoot, but I saw one guy training alone on the basketball court. I went there and asked if I could take 3 shots at the basket and he agreed. I didn’t make any basket out of the 3 shots. Nevertheless I played on and made many shots eventually (click here to see video).

His reaction when I told him I had a silver medal for playing basketball was just funny. He was surprised how “Airboy” (because of my air balls) got a medal. “People that knew how to play were too afraid to play, so I showed up”. Guys, I remember the semi-final match. It was tragic. I was running helter skelter on the court. I didn’t understand the game. I managed to make a few assists and points. I’m not going to talk about the final, because my message in this post has nothing to do with it.

A lot of people that are good at doing something just think that their ability to do it is enough to bring success. Well, from the title of this post, it is clear that I don’t subscribe to that line of thought. Your talent needs other attributes to bring success. This post will be as brief and as straight to the point as possible, because I want to watch episode 2 of Game of Thrones before spoilers start flooding my inbox. Let me tell you some extra things you should add to talent for good results.

  • Courage: Remember my journey to being a basketball silver medalist started with courage. I had the courage to join the team even when I lacked the talent. More talented people who couldn’t summon the courage to come out and play watched from the sidelines and swore they would make many shots (no Bro, you won’t).

“You can’t make a shot you didn’t take”- Uchenna Peter (Basketball Silver Medalist)

  • Hardwork: The day I went to the court for the sports shoot, I met a guy who made quite a journey just to train alone. I was amazed when he explained all the training he had to do before he could leave the court. Ronaldo (the G.O.A.T) is a perfect example. It’s no news that he is very hardworking. At over 30yrs, he is still better than the forwards in so many clubs. His hardwork on the training ground has helped him maintain a very good condition for this long. If you’re talented but you’re not ready to work hard, you’re on your own.
  • Passion: When you love what you’re doing the possibilities are endless. When you’re passionate about something you’ll be willing to go beyond the normal point. Messi was once asked what he did when he wasn’t playing soccer or training and his response was that he’d be watching a football match or playing FIFA (a football game). If you’re a talented musician, you need to eat music, drink music or even travel to port Harcourt standing in a bus for it.

I really want to talk about optimism and perseverance, but I have to go right now. Someone just told me that Arya Stark “bent the knee” in episode 2. Before they spoil it finish for me.
Bottomline is: talent alone is not enough to succeed. See you soon.

Keep the Rats Out!

Hello guys, I bring you greetings from za North.

The buzz surrounding the premiere of the pilot episode of the final season of Game of Thrones (GOT) was on another level. Everybody wanted to feel among. We’ve had brands driving campaigns, ads and GOT themed parties in a bid to appeal to more audience. Even music groups attempted the theme song. Some sounded lit while others sounded like Imo state’s anthem.

I think I’m the only one calm about it. That might be because I’ve sat on the iron throne already. They already proclaimed that I am the King of the Nut.

This is not a GOT post, so let me cut right to the chase.

I was out with a friend one cool afternoon (not your kind of Nigerian weather). We talked for a bit, then reached for her bag. She wanted to show me something. She decided to start bringing out stuff from her bag so she could find it faster. Let me laugh my laugh first before I continue (hahahahahaha). Alright, let’s go on. She brought out her wallet and make up purse. Next thing she brought out was her ear piece or should I say pieces (I’m crying hahaha). She brought out the left ear and shouted. Her precious earpiece was spoilt and she thought she was the one that spoilt it until she turned the bag upside down and saw the remaining pieces of the ear piece. Right ear was mutilated, the mouth piece was in pieces and the rope was separated into special segments by a Rat. We saw the nibble marks on it. I burst out into laughter of course. Rats had destroyed her “follow come” earpiece.

I hate Rats, but I’ve never killed one before. I nearly killed one a while back. It got caught in a gum trap so I proceeded to inerrogate SARS style (because it must tell me who it is working for and with). I chopped the tail off, slowly put fire on its bumbum. Damaged its right hand and left leg. I was going to do more damage when I saw the poor thing pea on itself. Don’t say “awwwwwn”. I laughed so hard when I saw it and decided to remove the stone and let it go. The rat’s walkstep was already funny.

By now you should know that I won’t just tell you an unnecessary story. You’re waiting for the real message and it’s simple. Keep rats out of your life. Rats have some good traits, but that won’t stop them from eating that your third class certificate that you’re using to live the Nigerian dream. There are many friends you have that you should block out of your life. They’re silently ruining your life. Quietly scheming to see you fall. You must have heard that when a Rat is biting you it will blow you breeze so you won’t feel it. Let me tell you a bit about how they behave.

  • They want your info: They’ll constantly find ways to know what is up with you. They want to know your partner, client, kind of job you do, basically everything about you. You might think that’s what friends do, but watch out for how they’ll use the info they get. They will rat you out. Find ways to bring you down with the info. How do you think rumours start? Lemme not tell you what they can do to your clients.
  • They’re shortsighted: You might be saying that is their own problem, but show me your friend… They only think about the moment. They don’t make plans for the future. If you’re constantly around someone without a plan (long term), then I’m afraid for you.
  • They enjoy causing damage: I like careful people a lot. The type that can carry a bubble without it bursting. Some people just damage things everywhere they go. That’s what they love. They’re the ones that will tell your boyfriend that you’re cheating (even when they know you’re not) just to bring in tension that can potentially ruin your relationship. It is these rats that will get you into fights with other people. They’ll literally break things accidentally or on purpose.

The only thing a Rat needs to get in, is a tiny hole and after that it just needs to wiggle it’s way in. If you see anybody wiggling, that is a Rat (I’m kidding on this one).
Just look out for yourself. Don’t wait till you’re picking the pieces of your life (like my friend and her earpiece) start eradicating them before its late. I will see you soon.

Have you been a victim of these kind of people?
How did you get them out?